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Hand Push Floor Sweeper
    Publish time 2023-04-07 00:00    

Hand Push
Floor Sweeper

Hand Push Floor Sweeper

Hand push sweeper is especially suitable for the use of halls, waiting rooms, hospitals, factories, community roads and other places, no dust, no noise during cleaning, can be flexibly shuttled in the crowd, light structure, light implementation, simple maintenance.

Hand Push Floor Sweeper  Model :P100AS / Walk Behind Sweeper

Features : It integrates sweeping, dust collection and water spraying. It has complete functions, one button operation and sweeping width of 1000mm, which can effectively clean your ground. The main brush and side brush can be adjusted without tools, which is convenient and easy to use. · · · High power motor imported from Italy can effectively control dust. The outer ring of the tire is made of new materials, which increases the service life. Ergonomic design is adopted, and the dust can be shocked by stepping on the pedal, which is easy and fast. · The push rod can be folded for convenient storage. 

Parameter Item Unit Specifications Item Unit Specifications

Cleaning width mm >1000 

Working power(main  brush+fan/ motor+side brush):(120+30+35×2) w

Working efficiency :m2/h >4000

Working time:>4hours

Water tank :12L

Dustbin capacity L >22